Two Simple Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Google Search Advertising

Ben Griffith
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We often say that Google Search advertising is a demand capture strategy. But it has a twist.

Let me explain. With LinkedIn advertising, you are trying to generate demand in a specific target market. Google Search advertising, though, is a demand capture strategy--your prospect is seeking to solve a problem or challenge that you are able to solve. The twist is that you are competing with your competitors to capture the demand.

Keeping this in mind as you create your strategy is very important--especially if you utilize these two things to maximize your strategy:

  1. Just like with LinkedIn, uploading your company e-mail lists to Google, and selecting what you want to do with them (target, bid higher, etc.) can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. NOTE: With Google, the match rate is typically lower than LinkedIn, and the threshold is higher than LinkedIn for custom lists. Additionally, once your campaign has run for a while (and you've seen some results), you can then re-target or set custom bid adjustments on anyone who previously visited your website. So, whenever your prospect searches something related to your business, your company is more likely to show up at the top. Overall, this is a great way to maximize your Google spend by keeping users coming back to your site (rather than competitors), when they search queries related to your business.
  2. Another great way to optimize your search advertising is by pairing your Google Ad campaigns with your Google Analytics. This is going to allow you to pull deeper insights from your visitors, and better understand how visitors are interacting with your site after clicking through your Google Ads. Once you get this data, then you can let the data drive your decision making in keywords, ad spend, and bidding strategy. By making decisions based on which facets of your campaigns are driving the most conversions, your advertising will be more optimized in driving visitors to convert into leads on your site rather than bouncing.

In conclusion, use something that you already have to maximize your Google search advertising spend.

If you'd like to learn more ways to leverage Google to increase sales conversations for your business, contact us. We'd love to talk!

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